Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi Errybody.

Greer - aka - KMAKZI has asked me to contribute to this blog. So I think I should start off with a quick update on whats been happening in my neck of the woods (Whangarei.)

Basically there are 2 of us repping the Z up here full time, we both took on the challenge of having our cars ready for the Zerofighter Taupo Winter Festival.

Liam has an R32 Coupe, which about 2 months prior he decided to pull out the 20det and go all out with a 26dett.

I have an R33 Sedan that I have been building for the last 10 months. I chose to run an RB25DE+T.

With both our cars ready we started the 6 hour trek to Taupo.

We all had a nice early start on the Saturday morning after a few brews the day before. We were happy to see it was slightly damp but not raining. We got to the track and it was all downhill from there, the sky opened up and within minutes we were drenched.

Liam's day started well with him getting a few good runs in.
*Photo's courtesy of Nottus and Bearded Bastard Photography.

I also had a good day coming to grips with my new car.
*Photo's courtesy of Nottus and Bearded Bastard Photography.

After a few more runs Liams car suddenly lost oil pressure and he was towed back into the pits, later to find out that it was a cracked oil pump.

The +T went hard all day and even got leant out to Nate and Todd who put it through its paces.
I leant it to Liam for a spin so he could get some more track time and he had a little off into the tyres and bent the exhaust and dented the rear quater. But nothing that a hammer and a welder can't fix.

We got lost in a forest on our way to the after party so we made a late entrance, was good to catch up with the boys before the trip back to Whangarei.

Thanks to the Crew's and all the helpers/organizers events like this wouldn't happen without you guys.

Until next time

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