Saturday, July 27, 2013

07 Lyf

Thought I had better do a post for all the boys in the 07. The mighty Waikato where the grass is green and the beer is greener. All the wet pictures are from our recent ZF track day in Taupo.

First of I'm Lumi, I have a ghetto s13 that gets the life thrashed out of it.

We also have Drunkoon, the man whose love of the drink has caused many good times

Fluffy, master Fabricator

Pat who also likes the drink a bit much sometimes, pic is his old car

Berto, seem's to be enjoying his setup now

Dan, who's mates seem to get along well with everyone

Matiu from Vegas, still recovering from stagea life

Nathan the ginger ninja

Grant, is fighting small problems at the moment but that is old car life

Hiney who has abondoned us for the riches of Dubai

Shaun, who's car hasn't been seen since last decade

JD, ballin aint easy

Probably forgetting someone, but I can't figure out who

Photo's courtesy of Bearded Bastard Photography, 31, Nottus Photography, Zerolimits, Devolution Photography

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