Tuesday, October 26, 2010

zf reppin @ i drift

james and nate reppin zf at i drift on the weekend, more pix to come


picked these up for pretty cheap, tein ha with hks top camber plates. now its time to slam the cefiro

Thursday, October 21, 2010

still building

still lots of work to be done, had the motor in n out a few times now trying to get shit right, will need to mod the tunnel a bit to get the gearbox level with the driveshaft

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kiwi blue

victors back, cars looking great

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yaj ftw!

stoaked more play rims, yahoo is sooooo much cheaper than buying on trade me nz, on the way should be here in 2 months in one of our containers at work by sea freight

river side mae 18x10 +35

work rezax 18x10j +38

Sunday, October 17, 2010

r32 + bn + NZ =

needs paint but still staunch

me be t.m.e

Friday, October 15, 2010


After selling my 180sx I decided to buy am 1983 Ae85 Sprinter Trueno. I picked it up from a guy in Rotorua, it had a 4agze turbo, a massive fmic and some tatty looking recline-able 'race seats'
I chose not to buy the running gear or seats as I would never like or use them.
It was pretty basic and a tad rough in some places but would do the trick!
Here's pics  from when I got it,

 It's currently sitting on Super Low King Springs all round with Vitara shocks in the rear and factory shocks in the front, the wheels are 15x7 Motoforms,

Surge tank set-up, used to be upside down mounted in a van, its pretty messy, but it's going to work, I'm planning on moving it into the corner and tidying it all up.

Yeah I know.. that tacho.. how cool is that!
foot pedals and steering wheel are gone already!

This is one of the roughest parts of the car, fibre glass to the rescue! I managed to pull the whole cover off the frame,  without trouble, there was no rust in the roof itself  but the sunroof was stuffed beyond repair, 

The motor, Sr20de engine, out of a S14 Silvia, came with 9 bolt flywheel, clutch, loom, e.c.u. and air flow meter. I also bought a gearbox at the same time, when i pulled it apart I found 3 or 5 bits of the 5th/reverse gear selector, common fault with the sr box, other than that everything seamed fine,

Bought a new fibreglass sunroof from Mike Shaw in Hamilton, was a perfect fit and awesome quality,

Then it was off to Derrick @ Xtreme Rpm to get the engine mounts matched up,

The engine was mounted as low as and as far back as possible,
I think I may need a sump guard before I get adjustable suspension,

My mate happened to score a sweet deal from Jason NZKW.com
I got 2 fixed-back race seats and a 42mm S14 Silvia radiator, all for a mint price,
Its a bit too tall but I'll make new mounts and put it on a 'g' lean once the motor is in.

Also just purchased these AE86 vented discs and backing plates off Trademe to replace the factory solid discs, I plan to resurface them before fitting them up, they also came with 2 spare discs which I may slot in the future.

They say rust is lighter than carbon fibre.. but how light does it need to be?

So this will mean a hold up on getting it running, 
On another note, Fitting the gearbox;

It will take a litlle bit of  hammering, cutting and welding to get it to fit and to be able to do up the top gearbox bolts, 

All the guards off to get at a bit of surface rust and for more leverage to get the steering rack out, 
up grading from the factory power steering rack to a quick rack I got out of a DX, It changed from 3 1/2 turns to 2 1/4 turns,

I removed the heater/air con unit to make room for the cut tunnel and to loose some more weight. I also started to remove the sound deadening, I also thought the bonnet opened a tad low, 


 Ill have to wait till I put the bonnet back on to see how far it'l open and whether or not ill need to put new stops in place,