Monday, June 28, 2010

Previous Rides..

OK so heres a few of my Past rides..

First Car...

1982 Mitsi EX Lancer..

This started my love affair with burning rubber and causing mayhem...

Fast Forward a few years of boring cars..
Read: 3 More Ex Lancers, '96 DC Integra, '96 Toyota Celica, etc..

I then got my hands on some pure performance...

2000 FD3S RX7 Type RB
Ohlines Coilovers
Pro Racer Rear Exhaust Section
Momo Steering Wheel
Mazda Speed Carbon Shift Knob and handbrake handle
Defi Boost Gauge and Defi Link Controller
Apexi Power FC and Commander
Blitz Turbo Timer
Carrozzeria CD MD
HKS Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit
HKS Suction pipes and induction Kit
Ultra Ignition Cables

Had to get rid of it to pay bills etc.. sad sad day..

After that ive had a heap of Turbo RWD's (and some non turbos)

In no particular order...

RB20E A31 Cefiro

R32 4 Door - RB20DET


A31 Cefiro - RB20DET

R33 Skyline - RB25DET

This may be continued at some point.. lol

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