Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hiney's S14 PFL RB25DET

Hey all,

Well i thought it was about time I done one of these as I'm actually doing something of interest to my car finally

1996 S14 PFL
SR20DET 5 Speed
S15 BB turbo
Adjustable actuator
Aftermarket dumppipe
3" exhaust from turbo back
Fully adjustable Tein/Tenabe (don't ask me, autolign said so :P)
Mismatching mags (D-Spec y0')
Multiple kits

When i started out i didn't know bugger all about SR20's or engines in general for that matter, so for starters, BIG UPS to the flatmate Andrew for endlessly helping me out weekend after weekend :P

Started out as this when I bought it off a car yard (found on TM)

Then about a month later the exhaust became extremely loud and tractor like and it struggled to get into positive boost.... turns out the manifold -> turbo gasket blew... sweet as, we replaced it and made the turbo all shiney and stuff

Then went on the FMIC (Cheers to Shaun (Swellacott) for selling me it :P)

Then i got bored of the URAS kit, so decided on something different (never seen one before) so bought and fitted a WORKS9 kit.

Then i decided to (for shits n giggles really) rebuild the gear box.

\/\/ Thats andrew btw.... Yay for Andrew!!

[img]" border="0" alt="" />

After that money got rather tight so nothing happened for a while ................ *waits*

then i got bored of the WORKS9 kit so decided to change (yes, again) and found a cheap as chips Vertex kit on trade me (cheers lustee)

and now here we are today... and here is the next addition to my mongrel of a car :twisted:

Yeah, we made a hell of a mess with that. but a bit of janola, washing powder and degreaser saw us right.

anyway, thats about as far as we've gotten. am just cleaning the engine and waiting for my SR20DET to sell so i can put the RB25DET into my car.

[b]*********** ACT II ***************[/b]

small update, we pulled the head off just to replace the headgasket

[img]" border="0" alt="" />

and then we were quite glad.... found this stuff in all cylinders from the previous owners taking the spark plugs :roll:

[img]" border="0" alt="" />

well, another update,

for anyone wondering where the brakes off the skidline went, they went on my mate Andrews car (payment for services rendered :P)

Heres some pics

and now the one i'm rather excited about :D

we decided we had fart a55ed around enough cleaning the RB. So we got our A into G and done some stuff.

MASSIVE thanks to mate Andrew who is currently rather sick (running nose, coughing up a lung n sh|t :P) and still gave me a hand (what a trooper :P)

Bye bye SR.... you will be missed :cry: :cry:
[img]" border="0" alt="" />

Skyline crossmember

HELLLLOOO RB!!!! :twisted:
[img]" border="0" alt="" />

fk all clearance
[img]" border="0" alt="" />

[u][b]DAS MAN CAVE[/b][/u]
[img]" border="0" alt="" />

Now that the RB is in there, it has to come out :roll: but now we have to wait for the gearbox etc to come so i can put it in before bolting the engine mounts down. Then get the car all wired up, then get the drive shaft engineered and I'll be aaaaall gravy :D

i SOOOO can't wait :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

[b]************ ACT III ************[/b]

so once again, we have been pretty slack as of late. and when we did muster up enough energy and motivation to do something, we got slapped in the face by issue after issue. mostly to do with this god-damn m'fu*king front facing POS :evil: . seriously if anyone reading this is doing what we are, put the f'king thing on when the engine is OUT of the car, you'll be able to sort all the issues SO much easier.

last weekend we tried to get the plenum on and sorted, but couldn't because of the following reasons

[b]1.[/b] the plenum wouldn't fit because it was hitting the clutch master cylinder. so after some umming and arring and a few trips to nisbits to talk with the lads there (and to deliver the beer i owed them :oops:) i found out that i needed to swap it for either a Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder (if you ring BNT ask for the one with a remote mounted reservoir, its like $40) or one from a manual R34.

[img]" border="0" alt="" />

then we stopped for eggs.... they were good
[img]" border="0" alt="" />

then continued with
[b]2.[/b] the tail end/brass nipples that i had were too long and fouled on so much crap. so we REWA'd up something to make it all work, then tried to put it in only to find it is now hitting on the stupid oil cooler thing. i have borrowed a pic from "driftin_sx". sorry :P

that large chunk of smelly excrement is the biggest and most worthless POS i have ever come across. i mean REALLY!! did Nissan know how much of an assh0le they were being when they put that there?


any who. last night we FINALLY sorted out most of the issues, and the issues that our solutions created (endless tale of cr@p i won't get into) and now its starting to look like and engine YAY!!!

when andrew started googling stuff, i knew we had issues

well ladies and gents, its now officially a skyvia.

and heres andrew marvelling in his awesomeness ( i let him think that anyways :P)

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